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Dalian Spring Real Estate Fair 2014 April 10 curtain dress
From:未知    Update:2014-05-06
April 10 to 13 , by the Dalian Northern International Exhibition Co., Ltd. Dalian hosted the 2014 Spring Real Estate Fair will be held at the World Expo Center grand . A total of 74 exhibition companies 82 properties exhibitors, of which three real estate exhibition in the mountains , the proportion of 3.7% of total real estate exhibition ; Xigang estate exhibition 5 , more than 6% of the total ; River mouth area real estate exhibition 8 , accounting better than 9.8% ; Ganjingzi estate 21 exhibitors , representing more than 25.6% ; tech park estate 16 exhibitors , representing more than 19.5% ; Golden State Property 4 New exhibitors , representing more than 4.9% ; Port Arthur area exhibitors Property 8 , total more than 9.8% ; other real estate exhibition four regions , accounting for more than 4.9% ; overseas exhibitors Property 13 , the total ratio of 15.8% , real estate exhibition covers the city's major mainstream real estate administrative regions , more apartments, villas and land projects from the United States , Australia, Canada and other places , home buyers face a wider choice .
       The market had become the main exhibition of famous enterprises , and improve the quality of the show . Spring Fair as the city's first large-scale real estate industry, the annual showcase event has always been well received by the development company 's attention and concern , pay at the launch in the spring of the year hit a lot of real estate has become the most important way of marketing . Vanke , PHYLLIS , ocean , iron, Greentown , Fu Jia , arrived , triple, Runde , Ampang , Wan Feng , Swiss , macros , Henry and other famous enterprises all exhibitors to showcase real estate encompasses ocean Florea , Sanding spring, future City , Tianxialiangcang , Vanke Blue Mountains , Dirk valley , Minehide Ben Thanh , spring Willow Park, Tai Wu Shan language, CITIC Royal Park , Xinghai State House , Nord coastal Garden , Fu Jia Town , Tian Qin old and new projects Hill, eighth areas. Judging from the exhibitors and real estate, and more famous enterprises , the market mostly Spring Fair this year one of the most significant features . As ocean Florea , Future City , Sanding spring, Spring Willow Park and other projects, either over one million square meters of building area super market , either star properties in the region. The name of the enterprise , a large proportion of exhibitors estate continues to improve, and has become absolute main exhibition , which also from the other side to prove the quality of the Spring Fair this platform higher and higher .
       Exhibitors new disc number to climb. Previous Spring Fair is a new focus on appearance of the peak of the disk , the new disk pay at the spring of 2014 is gathering together , ocean Florea , Tianxialiangcang , macros Xi Jing , Future City , Taoyuan Village , Spring Willow Park , Xinghai national government , Murray Hill , Celestial Heights, Seven Sages examination halls , courtyard , etc. · Happy Valley habitat closely watched new disc will debut spring Fair , the number for the most recent three spring Fair , can be expected to compete for the audience a feast for the eye will be staged at the Spring Fair .
       Launched a new group of buyers , show the effect extended indefinitely . The exhibition will launch a new service buyers group , the committee will use the unique resources, to achieve a comprehensive exhibition showings , after the show focused on buyers , more real estate exhibition provides exclusive deals. For the convenience of buyers sign up to participate , the organizing committee will be set up multiple registration booth at the show site , buyers can fill in a form or through a scan code plus interest enrolled in the tours , as well as the chance to win attractive gifts. Different from other buyers group is participating in the Housing Fair buyers group, can show the scene of large-scale projects preliminary understanding , and then draw the focus of the target properties , and then at the end of the exhibition arranged by the organizing free showings car directly to each sales office, the election room , showings, buy one-stop service . Actually save consumers time and money . Organizing Committee launched this buy mode , not only brings tangible benefits to the buyers , but also to the exhibitors bring sustainable value-added services , will be exhibiting the effect of maximizing the continuation truly tripartite win .
       Online services fully upgraded . Spring Fair this year to join the global Chinese portal launched Phoenix "IE Housing Fair , the exhibition online watch" service for exhibitors to create online presentation platform . Buyers can search through the site to real estate information for each participating location, price , size , special listings , promotions , etc., can be searched homes Dalian House , is to visit the exhibition site preparation work ahead , facilitate more targeted visiting the exhibition .
       In addition , this exhibition especially for mobile terminals launched a new service project " scan code free registration , exhibition concept one yard pass " activities. Past Housing Fair , visitors are required to complete " Registration Form " be admitted. This year, as long as the audience attention , "Dalian Housing Fair ," the micro-channel service platform, through pre-registration system login , click "I want to visit ," fill in the information and submit , with the receipt of two-dimensional code can be admitted by the dedicated channel to visit , eliminating queuing filling time , greatly facilitate exhibition concept of the masses . In addition, the committee will also set up at many two-dimensional code icon , enhanced visual effects , scan code to attract viewers attention . Scan code can also participate in micro-channel sweepstakes , allowing viewers to visit but can also get a surprise.
       Interactive activities increased, the exhibition experience better . In addition to the establishment of real estate exhibition area , the exhibition also established a number of colorful activities experience area , so that buyers play room rendezvous . Realistic 3D landscape photo -stimulated area, you can take pictures with family pictures , grab coins jackpot , fun shooting game , indoor golf, parking funds to send the audience will be a wonderful show and other activities during the exhibition . Themes service in this exhibition are more prominent, "purchase lectures " to help buyers purchase to enhance safety awareness , increase knowledge of buyers . Exhibitors VIP service area to provide open space for the industry to communicate intimate places.
       Spring Fair this year through the colorful, highly participatory and fun activities to attract people to participate in , contribute to the Ben Thanh people, and thus play a role in deeper exchange trading platform , so that supply and demand sides conduct exchanges with the maximum information transfer , so buyers can more easily choose the desirable house.
       China sticks Spring , good room overlooking . Dalian Housing Fair will continue its efforts to create high-quality show, with the best quality service and sincerity to build a good communication platform between buyers and housing prices, the development of the city's real estate industry to make contributions .