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Dalian Spring 2014 Housing Fair April 10 to 13 held a grand
From:未知    Update:2014-05-06
Dalian Northern International Exhibition Co., Ltd. Dalian hosted the 2014 Spring Real Estate Fair will be held from April 10 to 13 at the World Expo Center , the exhibition will be " cast brand new disc exhibition to promote sales and increase vitality " is the theme for developers and buyers to build a more convenient exchange trading platform , to promote the steady development of the city's property market .
As the largest real estate transaction in Dalian showcase Housing Fair has been a major focus on the promotion of the well-known enterprises the platform of choice . China Vanke Real Estate billion enterprise , Wanda , Poly, Greenland , the sea had a history of high-profile appearance in the room pay at the Dalian local leading enterprises - Yida is a staunch supporter of the Housing Fair , but also showcase our projects pioneer mode . 2014 Spring Fair is still the star-studded , Vanke, PHYLLIS , ocean , Fu Jia , Yi and other well-known housing prices are determined exhibitors, Spring Fair has shown big gathering of the gesture.
In addition , the previous Spring Fair is focused on the new disc debut of the peak of the spring 2014 meeting of the new disc is expected to pay a record high , ocean Florea , Tianxialiangcang , macros hee scene, such as the future of the city have been closely watched to determine the new disc spring Fair debut , can be expected to compete for the audience a feast for the eye is about to be staged at the spring Fair .

Buyers have been invited to work in Dalian Fair Housing top priority , the quantity and quality of buyers is directly related to the effect of exhibitors and exhibitors benefit real estate companies , the current Spring Fair Housing invited audience in addition to traditional channels, in particular the establishment of the "Buyers call Center" , the organizing committee will use a huge number of audience data resources professionals accumulated over the years point to point precisely to invite telephone, text messaging , e-mail and other forms of focus for the past three objects invite people to visit the exhibition . The new buyers through the call center , one can ensure that the number of exhibitors concept development , better by deleting selected to enhance the quality of the audience. The establishment of the center also indicates that buyers show buyers will be invited to enter into a new phase , while the organizing committee also hopes will help exhibitors more effective customer resources accumulated for 2014 sales off to a good .
Housing Fair this spring , in addition to the promotion of carrier newspapers , radio, television , Internet, outdoor licensing legislation, shelter , Led large screen and other traditional media, in particular an increase microblogging , micro-channel , two-dimensional code and other new media applications, this marks the Dalian Fair Housing promotion network more complete and mature.
With the growing popularity of smart mobile terminal applications , microblogging, letters and other new micro product after another, China has quietly entered the era of micro , microblogging, micro-channel is won many Internet users in the pursuit. On the other hand , statistics from the exhibition site , the buyers groups gradually showing a trend of younger , while younger age groups is precisely the most direct user micro applications , in order to allow more young buyers groups received messages Fair Housing , the current spring Fair opened microblogging, letters and other new media , will launch a series aimed at young buyers crowd of theme activities, prizes microblogging forwarding, courteous attention to micro-channel will continue to push forward with the launch of the exhibition .
The onset of spring , summer vibrant autumn abundance. After one -third of the successful operation of Jinzhou New Area Fair Housing New leadership position firmly laid the exhibition , the professional operation also been widely recognized by the industry.
2014 Golden State New Spring Real Estate Trade Fair the upcoming May 1 to 3 in the zone edges of Institute for Nationalities Stadium debut . Help developers improve sales performance , brand image , the organizing committee is working most concern. Especially in the high- speed railway, the Northeast Economic Circle increasingly close contact , charm growing district in the background, and you work together exhibitors District real estate market will push deeper stage of development is the responsibility of Jinzhou New Area Fair Housing bounden . To this end , the exhibition will continue to increase in the propaganda efforts on the continuous deepening of the details of the service , on the activities of innovation.
Opportunity to bring business opportunities to create a platform performance . 2014 Spring Fair Housing Jinzhou New Area District new year as the real estate industry's first event, will directly affect the 2014 New real estate market trends , the organizing committee will be the best quality service and maximum sincerity to help every exhibitor to achieve 2014 in the opener, hand in hand to push the steady development of the real estate market .